To support initiatives that reconnect us to ourselves, to each other and to the community around us

So many people have been experiencing uncertainty about our local, national, and global future. We have many questions to ask and issues to address to find solutions to the challenges before us. Reconnect-Today’s work will inspire an awakening in to action. A broader understanding of the steps to reconnect is needed to shift the world into a more sustainable direction. At the grassroots level, we must foster brilliant ideas, and devise progressive initiatives that support tangible, instructive living solutions.

Together we create our local future. Reconnect-Today supports the work of and collaborates with individuals and organizations whose initiatives are in alignment with the mission of re-connection with self, with one another, and with the community around us.

We engage writers, educators, artists, activists, healing initiatives, worldwide localization and reconnection movements, educational opportunities through classes, workshops and conferences.
email: reconnect4today@gmail.com