The Sustenance of our Community

How do we choose to respond to the challenges of these times?  The road ahead is uncertain. We have more questions than we have answers.  What narrative do we wish to sustain? How do we thrive on a planet of limited resources whose signals of distress rise daily?  Are we to grow our way past environmental, economic and social degradation?

We find these and many more tough questions uttering from our lips on a daily basis.  Anxiety and frustration rises. Old ways of being are failing us. Utterances of helplessness won’t catalyze us into needed action.  We need more. We need a connected community, steered by conscious action.

Disconnection is the biggest health tragedy of our times.  We are disconnected from each other and from our environment.  Our disconnection drives addiction and violence. We need to find ways to reconnect to what is important.  Fundamentally, we need to reconnect to what binds us together; local food and water. We begin there. We need to recognize that help may not come from either side of the aisle, politically. Keeping the vitality of our community strong is our power.  Taking responsibility for daily, conscious choices that support our local food systems shapes a healthy future. Thoughtful water policy backed up by innovative, conservation systems help us to survive and possibly thrive.

Food and water, a shared necessity, brings us together in commonality with all life.  Strolling through the farmer’s market on a beautiful Santa Fe summer day connects. Cleaning the acequia with our neighbor connects. Doing our best to ensure all our citizens have access to local, healthy food and sustainable clean water sources connects.  

We have a challenging road ahead.  Keeping our community connection through our relationship with food and water is key.   Each of us must take responsibility to create our future. Together we create a vision and build a movement of environmental sustainability, social justice, and renewal.  Our vision must be holistic. Our actions must be immediate. Reconnecting with our local future we dream together, heal together, and grow together. This is The Economics of Happiness.  

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